Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a 22km-long stretch of purest white beach where Broome meets the Indian Ocean. The stunning colours of Cable Beach stunning colours - aqua blue against the white sand and bright red-orange dirt inspire photographers from dawn till dusk daily. 

Cable Beach is named as the terminus of the original cable used to send telegraphs between Java and Broome.

The Cable House, which later became Broome Courthouse, is situated in the centre of Broome and was built to house the equipment and telegraphists that operated the early communication service. The Court House is an excellent example of the colonial architecture of the day; wide verandas, polished timer floors, iron roof, overhead fans and the heavy iron stairs are particularly elegant. 

Today, Cable Beach is a long, flat beach that is ritualistically used by locals and tourists each day to wash away the cares of living in paradise. The sand is smooth and bright white, the water is cool and clear.

The beach is punctuated with rock pools where octopus and other creatures wait for the tide to take them back to the deep. At this time, vehicles are still permitted to drive onto the northern side of Cable Beach, and a blind eye is turned to those who choose to sunbath au naturelle in that part of the beach.

Cable Beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing. Cable Beach is washed clean everyday by the massive tides that ebb and flow into Broome. Beachcombers can find beautiful shells and many a piece of flotsam and jetsam washed ashore. Whales and dolphins can also been offshore in season.

The construction surrounding Cable Beach is remarkably humble and it is very far from being commercialised. A restaurant and cafe with ocean views sits on the grass overlooking Cable Beach. Each evening as the sunsets over the Indian Ocean across Cable Beach, the esplanade is lined with visitors from all parts of the world, with cameras ready to catch the perfect Broome sunset.


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Cable Beach is famous all around the world, which is a stretch of white sand, bordering the turquoise Indian Ocean which reaches up to 22 kilometres.

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